How Prize Pig Works

Below is a quick guide along with a more in-depth look at the entry rules for the daily prize draw.

Sign Up
1. Sign up

Enter your name and email address to sign up for an account. Once done you are ready to enter!

Click to enter
2. Click to enter

Once the draw starts, click to enter and get your unique number. You've got one chance so fingers crossed!

Collect your prize
3. Collect your prize

If you win, all you need to do is click the collect button! Collect your cash prize via PayPal or get an eGift Card for a number of high street stores!

First of the Month £50 Rules

1. Each time you enter the daily draw throughout the month, you will be entered into our monthly draw (if you enter every day, you could potentially have up to 31 chances to win!).

2. At the beginning of the month, a random day from the previous month will be selected. We will then select a random person who entered the draw that day.

3. That user will then win £50!

Entry Rules

1. Draws are open to UK residents (including Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands). All users must be at least 18 years old.

2. A new draw will open at Midnight. Don’t worry about forgetting, we can send you an email reminder each day, just go to your account to change your email preferences. Don't forget to check your spam/junk folder for these emails and add to your trusted senders list!

3. The winning number for the daily draw will be randomly selected before the draw commences. This number is based on how many people have signed up to the site.

4. From when the draw starts the number for each click will go up in ascending order (e.g. The first person to click will get number 1, the second person will get number 2 etc).

5. Once you click the pig you will be given your number and, depending on the number, will be told if you have won or not.

6. If you receive the winning number you will be given a prompt to collect your prize (which you MUST do before the new draw starts). This will be in the form of a cash prize transferred to your PayPal account (or if you have not got a PayPal account an eGift Card that can be redeemed in a variety of high street stores). We are not liable for any winners who don't claim their prize before the new draw starts.

7. If the winning number has been picked before you have entered the draw you will not be informed of this until you click to enter. By entering the draw you are acknowledging that you may be entering a draw that has already been won.

8. If the winning number isn't reached before the next draw starts the prize pot will rollover into the next draw. The initial prize pot will be £10. Each day the prize isn't won the prize pot will increase by £10.

9. Each account will be allowed one entry per draw. Once you’ve entered you cannot enter again until the new draw starts.

10. People who create multiple accounts (i.e. similar names used and/or the same PayPal email address entered multiple times) will be disqualified and any prizes claimed by them will not be processed. People found to be doing this will have all of their accounts deleted.

11. We reserve the right to withhold payment for any winning entries that we deem suspicious. We may request proof of identification to determine whether payments will be processed.

12. We hope you have fun and tell your friends about Prize Pig!