Database trimming - Email Verification

Database trimming - Email Verification


Hello good people! Next Tuesday we will be asking all of our users to verify the email addresses that they signed up with. The reason for this is twofold: -

  1. To make sure that the people who signed up with fake email addresses are removed.
  2. To give us an accurate number of the amount of users who wish to use the site.

Our daily draw number is based on the amount of users we have according to our database. So at the moment we have nearly 1,400 users but this isn’t close to the amount of people who are entering on a daily basis so we keep having rollovers as the winning number is too high!

When we first started we had a few people who would sign up with 10+ different email addresses (this isn’t an exaggeration) and when they didn’t win they never returned! They bulked up the database and we want to get it accurate and lean again!

So keep your eyes peeled for an Email Verification Required message popping up (don’t forget to check your spam too) as you won’t be able to enter the draw until we have verified your email. In a couple of weeks we’ll be deleting all unverified accounts.

Cheers to those of you who enter this for a bit of fun but do it properly. And so long to the ones who were desperate for a buck. We’ll miss some of the imaginative email names!

Have a great bank holiday weekend, much love and good luck!


The Prize Pig Peeps.x

Published on: August 24, 2018