redecorate house

New Year, Fresh Start!

How does a Home Renovation sound? Last year, after all of the Christmas festivities; Prize Pig was completely stuffed to the point of no return! Once all of the festivities had ended and the decorations had come down, Prize Pig couldn’t help but notice that the house looked a little...

tiffany engagement ring

Tiffany’s Engagement Ring

Prize Pig absolutely loves weddings, mainly because he gets to eat a lot of food and save some cake for a rainy day! He is extremely excited as two of his nearest and dearest friends have decided to get married. His friend popped the question last week and now they...

australia trip

Win a Family Trip to Australia

Prize Pig has been shivering all over the place during these past winter months; he’s had to sit next to the fireplace every evening just to keep his trotters warm. This has starting to cause Mama & Papa Pig to get a little worried; as a strong smell of bacon...

toast rack

Heart Toaster Rack!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people are trying to find innovative ways to show their loved ones how they feel about them. Everyone has someone special they would like to treat, just to show how much they appreciate them. But this isn’t always the easiest thing to...

ipad cover

Win an iPad Smart Stand/Cover

Recently, there have been so many new movie and series released. Prize Pig has been constantly glued to his iPad, keeping up to date with all of the new releases! In particular, he has been addicted to the ‘How I met your mother’ final series. He always invites Miss Piggy...

alex fergurson-book

Ferguson’s Autobiography!

Everyone’s been talking about the arrival of Alex Ferguson’s autobiography onto UK shelves! Prize Pig has had a nosey little read of the book and wants one of you to join in on the gossip! He’s picked up two copies, one for himself and one for another lucky person! Whether...