Win some Urbanears!

Prize Pig has recently been listening to nothing but love songs! He has been seriously bitten by the love bug! I haven’t seen him like this before. He keeps playing Lana Del Rey – ‘Young and Beautiful’ because apparently it reminds him of little Miss Piggy. Everyone at the farm...

australia trip

Win a Family Trip to Australia

Prize Pig has been shivering all over the place during these past winter months; he’s had to sit next to the fireplace every evening just to keep his trotters warm. This has starting to cause Mama & Papa Pig to get a little worried; as a strong smell of bacon...

VW polo GTI

Win a Volkswagen Polo GTI

Prize Pig has been getting the bus for years now. Whether he needs to go pick up his shopping or grab a quick bite to eat; he always begins his journey at the bus stop down the road. Unfortunately this bus stop doesn’t have a shelter, which means Prize Pig...

tiffany engagement ring

Tiffany’s Engagement Ring

Prize Pig absolutely loves weddings, mainly because he gets to eat a lot of food and save some cake for a rainy day! He is extremely excited as two of his nearest and dearest friends have decided to get married. His friend popped the question last week and now they...

redecorate house

New Year, Fresh Start!

How does a Home Renovation sound? Last year, after all of the Christmas festivities; Prize Pig was completely stuffed to the point of no return! Once all of the festivities had ended and the decorations had come down, Prize Pig couldn’t help but notice that the house looked a little...

sainsburys logo

Win £40 Sainsbury’s Vouchers

Prize Pig is extremely excited about Christmas! He loves the atmosphere, the lights and of course Santa coming to visit! But his most favourite part of Christmas time is actually dinner time! He loves his fair share of Roast Turkey, Potatoes & Gravy. He would also certainly say yes to...